Garage Sales

We currently don't have any garage sales posted for this week and next week.

Residents of Rockland can announce their garage sales or community events for FREE here.

Local Businesses

Coming Soon...

The local businesses and service providers in Rockland will be able to promote their businesses here.

Much More...

It's no longer just about garage sales but much more...

We are working diligently to add more features. Please be patient.

Rockland Page is...

For Rockland County

Our focus is about events, listings, businesses and services available/provided in Rockland only.

For First Responders & Towns

Any fund raising events for first responders or town events are always recognized as Featured events.

For Local Businesses

We support and care about our local "mom & pop" stores more than the franchises and big-box stores.

For Residents of Rockland

Don't waste your time looking outside of Rockland. Use this site to support our local businesses and events!

Featured status

The Featured status is the ultimate way to promote your community event or garage sale!

What does Featured status mean?
If your garage sale or community event has Featured status, it will be displayed prominently at the top of our page for the week and will remain there.
Featured garage sales may even be posted on our Facebook timeline, while Featured community events could be featured on our Front Page. This is the best way to promote your event and get maximum visibility.